Thursday, October 9, 2008

Michigan's movie role pays off

By Tom Long | The Detroit News | October 9, 2008

Brian Meganck is a big movie fan. Not of watching them, necessarily. Of making them. In Michigan.

A few years ago, as the number of commercials shooting in Michigan began fading, Meganck had to move his business Kind Services, which provides drinks and snacks for film crews, to Oregon. There just wasn't enough work here. Now Meganck is back, and business is booming.

"We went from two full-time employees to now six and a host of part-timers," he said in August on the phone from the set of "Whip It," starring Drew Barrymore and Ellen Page. He's now working on the set of "Demoted," starring David Cross. "We went from the capability of doing one movie at a time to three movies," Meganck said. "We've knocked out six features and I've probably turned down six or eight more."

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