Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Makin' Movies: 'American Virgin' Brings Jobs and Dreams to Local Crews

By: Terry Parris Jr. | Model D | November 11, 2008

man in a black stocking hat is moving a 20-foot pole back and forth along the sidewalk of Monroe Street in the heart of Greektown. "Closer to me," yells someone on the other side of the street. "Bring it in the street if you have to!" There were four poles, all exactly the same. Three other guys walked up, wearing various types of stocking hats and cloth gloves. Each one grabs a pole and jostles it around.

"I need some sands bags over here!" Says one of the four workers. He has a beard. His cheeks are red from the cold. A fifth worker appears, "There aren't sandbags on the cart, let me check the truck." He comes back carrying four small canvas looking bags that, by the look on his face, are holding a bit of weight.


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