Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Hollywood is coming: Thanks to new state incentives, 140 scripts are under consideration for filming in the state, up from two last year.

By Mardi Link - Traverse City Business News - July 1, 2008

REGION - Location scout Tracy Kurtz remembers the first time she saw Hollywood in downtown Traverse City. It was wearing an Armani suit, dark sunglasses, and expensive-looking shoes.

“I was working for Tim Allen’s show, Home Improvement, and had a meeting scheduled with the director, Frank McKemy. He arrived during Cherry Festival and I found him standing in front of Gibby’s Fries, wearing an all black Armani suit. I said, “You must be Frank.” He said, “How did you know?” It was just one of those non-sequiturs that happen all the time in this business.”


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