Tuesday, July 22, 2008

When the Circus Comes to Town, Does the Economy Improve?

By Joanne Huspek - Published July 22, 2008

The State of Michigan is now going into its fourth month of movie madness. Currently, the state is hosting upwards of 60 movie productions. Many are in and around the metro Detroit location.

The main reason for the sharp upturn in the local film business is the cherry deal the state is giving film producers. Our government, in its infinite wisdom, passed into legislation this wonderful windfall for a certain privileged few. If you are a producing a movie and spend a dollar here, you will get 40 cents back, courtesy of the state of Michigan. (If you think that doesn’t sound like much, put it in these terms: Our business spends upwards of $10,000 in gasoline every two weeks. That’s like getting $4,000 back every two weeks. Woo-eee! If only that would happen for me, I might be able to afford to live here.)


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