Monday, September 1, 2008

Movie exec talks more about possible local soundstage

By Roger LeLievre | The Ann Arbor News |September 01, 2008

Ann Arbor may soon take another step toward becoming Hollywood East.

David O'Malley, a Michigan native whose California-based company, V-One Entertainment, plans to build three movie soundstages in the state, including one in the Ann Arbor area, said development locally could begin next summer.

"We have been looking at properties in Ann Arbor - we were there about three weeks ago," he said Thursday. "I can tell you we've been looking to the south, in the Saline area. On our next trip we hope to look beyond that. At the moment we've only explored south of Ann Arbor - that just happened to be where many of the properties were located that were recommended by local Realtors."

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