Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Update: Robert Duvall is coming to West Michigan

By John Serba | September 187, 2008 | Grand Rapids Press

Time to eat crow on that last blog: Jerry Zandstra, vice president of American Saga Productions, corrected me via e-mail: "Duvall IS coming to W Mi for both interiors and exteriors" for the TV miniseries "La Linea," he wrote.

Zandstra was unavailable for further comment; he was attending the John McCain rally downtown.

Welcome to the ever-shifting waters of the movie business, I guess. First Samuel L. Jackson was coming to Grand Rapids for "Unthinkable," then he wasn't. Joe Mantegna was coming here for "The Fifth Mafia," and that fell through. Reports will surely continue to change and be conflicting, but in this case, I consider myself corrected.

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