Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Granholm's List of Accomplishments 2008

by: wizardkitten | Dec 24, 2008 |

Last year when I wrote about this, I was attacked. Sitting here with a head full of Vicodin, an arm in a cast, and battling with my usual full-blown seasonal-affected disorder, I didn't quite know how to respond. Panic set me off on a basic primal instinct fight-or-flight thought pattern: I got dressed, found my coat, and was two seconds away from going to the emergency room to have the cast cut off my arm so I would be free to fight.


1. Diversifying the economy to create a job for every worker.


- Michigan's film and movie-making economic development program, the most aggressive in the nation, increased motion picture production. To date, the state has received 215 proposals and approved 71 projects, which will add more than $430 million to the state's economy.

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