Saturday, April 18, 2009

More Down River Studio Details | April 18, 2009

Above is one of the first renderings of the announced $146 Million Unity Studios project in Allen Park. The scope of this project is massive and once completed will be more like a city within a city. As I mentioned previously, the project will house offices, sound stages, production facilities, educational facilities, as well as retail --- a fully comprehensive film mecca.

The complex’s educational facilities will be home to one of the most ambitious retraining programs ever attempted. The goal is to help the 1000s of unemployed find skills and specialties in the film industry based on knowledge they already pocess. The project will add over 3000 jobs once completed. Downriver residents will receive priority hiring.

Although an official construction start date has not been announced, late summer or early fall seems likely.

Update #1: Inital pre construction prep could begin within 30-60 days.

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Ron said...

Is it true that qualified Film Union workers will receive priority hiring, and then Allen Park resident? If we do not want to see these positions filled by out-of-state resources, the time to begin getting Michigan workers identified, trained, and accredited is now.

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