Sunday, April 5, 2009

West Branch movie could be a possibility says Michigan producer

By Eric Young | Ogemaw County Herald | April 5, 2009

WEST BRANCH — Over the past year, the West Branch Area Film Assoc-iation has been working to try to bring film crews to Ogemaw County to shoot a feature film. And, according to Michigan movie producer and director Rich Brauer, they’re on the right track.

“West Branch has a lot to offer, as does a lot of Michigan communities,” Brauer said. “The difference here is the enthusiasm and excitement, from students to seniors.”

Brauer, president of Brauer Productions in Traverse City, was in town April 4 to lead a workshop on writing screenplays for the upcoming West Branch Children’s Film Festival in July. He said if hard work gets rewarded, he wouldn’t be a bit surprised to see a feature film come to the West Branch area.

As a matter of fact, he said, he might have a couple in the works that could fit the area nicely.

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