Monday, May 18, 2009

TicTock Studios will produce film this summer in Michigan

By JEREMY GONSIOR | The Holland Sentinel | May 18, 2009

Holland, MI — Liam Neeson and Jennifer Connelly will be the stars, but an as-yet-unnamed “boardwalk, beachfront community” — quite possibly in West Michigan — will make a cameo appearance as Holland-based TicTock Studios produces “What’s Wrong with Virginia” this summer.

Company founder Hopwood DePree said filming will be done in Michigan but just where is not yet known.

Crews will arrive soon to decide the film’s location, he said, with the studio searching for varied backgrounds. Shooting begins in late summer.

“We have to do a scout of Michigan, but we would love to see it shot in West Michigan,” he said. “We need the backdrop of a boardwalk, beachfront community.”

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