Thursday, March 12, 2009

Michigan Based Director Premiers Film

By Woody Miller | March 12, 2009

Where would a person with a degree in mechanical engineering and assorted theatrical experience go to become a successful film maker? Sam Kadi never left Michigan. After garnering fifteen years of experience as a theatrical actor, writer, and director he graduated as a film director from Motion Picture Institute of Michigan in 2007. His first musical short film ” Your Choice” was made in 2006 and screened at a dinner to raise funds for education. The film helped to raise 3.8 million dollars that night. “Your Choice” was also aired on Public Television in Farmington and Novi. Kadi’s first narrative film “Schizophrenia” was completed in September 2007 and was screened on October 2nd by Emagine Entertainment in Novi during the Motion Picture Institute of Michigan (MPI) Film Festival. It was nominated for Best Director.

Director Sam Kadi is following up his film, “Schizophrenia” with “Raised Alone”, a new film that represents Michigan’s film industry in a dramatic way. Kadi’s short film is the first to be approved for the state film tax incentives by a Michigan-based director.

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