Friday, February 6, 2009

Opportunities in movies are knocking at our door

By Dave Vizard | The Bay City Times | February 06, 2009

Did anyone else hear that thumping noise amid all the doom and gloom of Governor Granholm's annual report to the people of Michigan the other night?

If I'm not mistaken - and I usually have a very good ear for banging noises, especially when it involves either my friend Rob falling off a bar stool or the state's ailing economy - it was a definite knocking sound. Yes, I'm sure of it. Opportunity beckoned for us all.

In the midst of all the nasty things happening to our great state, the gov's State of the State announced Michigan's latest plunge into the film-making and the creative-arts industries. In other words, great opportunity stands before us in movies, music, graphic design and digital gaming. All we have to do is answer the door.

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